Does my child need OT?

How do I know if my child could benefit from OT?


  • Poor muscle tone
  • Difficulty consoling self, unusually fussy
  • Unable to bring hands together and bang toys
  • Slow to roll over, creep, sit or stand
  • Difficulty playing with age appropriate toys


  • Low muscle tone, seems weak or floppy
  • Clumsy, bumps into furniture or people
  • Dislikes coloring, cutting, puzzles
  • Overly active, unable to slow down
  • Avoids playground equipment
  • Difficulty transitioning
  • Poor safety awareness

School-aged kids:

  • Difficulty focusing, poor attention
  • Low muscle tone, slumps at desk
  • Poor handwriting, reverses letters
  • Unable to dress completely, trouble with buttons/snaps
  • Poor balance or coordination, hesitant to engage in sports
  • Over or under-responsive to movement, touch, sound


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