Location of Services (Park Slope area only)

The location of your child’s services will be a mutual decision, based on the child’s needs and family’s schedule.  If deemed clinically appropriate (typically for infants and children under two), a home-based session in your Park Slope area home may be recommended; a one hour session is required for all home visits.  If your child attends full-time daycare or preschool in the Park Slope area, an OT session could be arranged at her school.  The majority of clients, however, do benefit from the sensory equipment and private therapy rooms at Run, Jump, Roll (a pediatric PT and OT gym located at 433 Third Avenue, Brooklyn).  If your child is experiencing difficulties with sensory integration, the suspended equipment at the gym will be an important part of treatment.  If he or she has attentional difficulties, the private rooms at the gym are ideal for limiting distractions in order to address any fine motor or handwriting concerns.  For all OT kids, the gym provides a wonderful experience of movement, play, and work; at times, children are also able to interact with other children who are working with their PT or OT.  Parents are welcomed to stay for the session in the waiting area, where they can observe the session.

Run, Jump, Roll is a state-of-the art therapy space, owned and operated by pediatric physical therapist Jennifer Laing.  The gym consists of an open sensory gym, complete with a variety of swings, therapy balls, scooter boards, ladders, trapeze, a balance beam, tunnel, and many crash cushions and bean bags.  The two therapy rooms (used primarily for OT) have a wide variety of fine motor and visual-motor games, crafts, and activities.  Parents can check in on their child through the window, or stay for the session until their child is comfortable separating.

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