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RainbowLynnABOUT ME:

I have been excited and honored to work with children as a pediatric OT ever since gaining my master’s degree from Tufts University in OT in 1998.  I specialize in treating children with developmental delays (ages 3 to 5) and school-based learning issues, including handwriting (grades K to 5).  I utilize a holistic, child-centered approach, in combination with the latest evidenced-based treatments, to ensure that therapy is both fun and successful for your child.  I have been in private practice in Park Slope since 2012.  I have extensive experience and course work in Sensory Integration Dysfunction, evaluation and treatment. I am very knowledgeable about fine motor development as well as visual-motor and visual-perceptual skills. My continuing education pursuits have included Handwriting Without Tears, Radiant Child Yoga, workshops in Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and seminars on visual deficits in children.


I provide developmental evaluations of your child’s gross and fine motor skills, visual-motor integration, and visual perceptual skills. I also evaluate your child’s sensory processing skills including parent and/or teacher questionnaires, so that I have a complete picture of your child at play, home, and school. Treatment can then focus on improving any areas of weakness so that your child can function better in home and classroom settings. Consultation with teachers is also available, in order to suggest classroom modifications and accommodations that can help support learning.  A typical session may include a combination of work on the SI (Sensory Integration) equipment, fine motor activities, visual-motor tasks, and tabletop work. Parents are welcome to stay for sessions, in order to learn techniques and strategies to use with your child at home. I am available to treat children Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Treatment takes place at a sensory gym called Run Jump Roll, located at 433 Third Avenue in Brooklyn.  In some instances, I am able to provide sessions at your child’s Park Slope area preschool.  All my sessions are 1:1 with your child, to ensure that I am addressing their specific areas of strength and weakness.

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