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OT approved apps

OT approved apps

With the rising popularity of smart phones, it’s no doubt our kids are interested, too.  My 2-year old calls my iPhone the “i-i” and routinely asks to use it!  The technology is so intuitive, that he is easily able to navigate the pages, scroll around, and fine his favorite games (he’s a huge fan of the “Duck, Duck, Moose” apps!).  I sat down to create a list of developmentally appropriate apps, and quickly found that my professional organization (AOTA), via their publication Advance Magazine for OTs, has already done so. This is an excellent resource, which is conveniently annotated with the area of development being addressed.

Check out this link to find iPhone and Android apps that are developmentally appropriate (and fun!) for kids with and without disabilities.  These are definitely OT approved games, but ask your own OT for suggestions for which specific areas of development your child may need to address (i.e. finger isolation, matching, tracing, scanning, visual memory, etc.).  Most of these suggestions are free, with others ranging from $1 to $3.

In addition, here is a great article on apps for children with Autism:


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