Consultations for Preschools

Are you a preschool educational director?  Would you like professional advice to help improve the fine motor skills of your students?  Are you looking for effective ways to make your classrooms more sensory-friendly?  OT consultation is the answer!!

Lynn is available to provide in-person consultation at your preschool (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or one-time).  During class time, she will observe and make recommendations about areas of improvement.  Suggestions may include modifications to the physical environment, toys and/or equipment that would benefit students, and teaching approaches to help improve student’s skills across a range of OT domains.

In addition to providing program-wide input, Lynn can also travel to your preschool to provide screenings (or full evaluations) for your students. If you have concerns about just a few children, or if you would like to gain more information about all of your students, Lynn can help you gain a better understanding of the child’s current motor skills. This is valuable information that you can share with parents at meetings and parent-teacher conferences, thus promoting your program’s commitment to quality education and supporting the physical development of your children.

During individual, 20 to 30-minute sessions with each child, Lynn will assess both fine and gross motor development. After meeting with each child, Lynn will document if he/she is on target for meeting developmental milestones, or if there are areas of need that should be addressed. She will recommend follow-up, for both home and school. Additional time can be scheduled to review the findings with program directors, classroom teachers, and/or parents.

All screenings include:

  • A review of the OT screening forms, which are completed by classroom teacher prior to Lynn’s visit.  The forms help identify any areas of concern in the domains of motor skills, hand skills, self-help skills, social skills, and sensory processing.
  • Clinical observation of hand skills (blocks, marker, scissors, two-hand use, small manipulatives, hand strength).
  • Clinical observation of gross motor skills (walk/run/jump, balance, stairs, ball skills).
  • Sensory processing observations (response to tactile input, sights and sounds).
  • Screening of school readiness skills (color/shape/letter recognition, attention, social skills).

Call today to learn how OT screenings can strengthen your preschool program through skilled support and knowledgeable recommendations.

RATE:  $150/hour