RATES:  My rates are $95 for a 45-minute session or $125 for an hour.  For home, school and daycare visits, I require a one-hour session at the rate of $150/hour.


Consultation $200: Includes a phone consultation, a 45-minute assessment where I meet you and your child, and a one-page report with professional impressions and recommendations.  A consultation is only offered if your child has already had an OT evaluation (e.g., Early Intervention or Dept of Education), and you are interested in pursuing services with me.

Handwriting Assessment $400:  Includes a phone consultation and 60 minutes of testing.  I provide a 2-page report with follow-up recommendations.  If you are concerned with your child’s acquisition of age-level handwriting, I can assess his/her current level and determine what may be getting in the way.  I use standardized measures of handwriting legibility and speed, based on functional classroom tasks (including copying skills, dictation, and independent composition).  I will screen their visual-perceptual and motor coordination to determine if these are a factor in their handwriting issues. 

Sensory Processing Evaluation $550:  (Back by popular demand for 2019!)  This evaluation includes clinical assessment of your child’s sensory processing skills in the areas of visual, auditory, tactile, body and spatial awareness, motor planning, and vestibular processing (movement of the head through space).  Along with parent-completed, standardized questionnaires, this eval can help determine if your child has a Sensory Processing Dysfunction (SPD), and if she would benefit from direct OT to help improve these skills.  Gross and fine screening is also part of this eval, however does not included standardized testing.  Includes an initial phone consultation, and a 3-4 page report with summary and recommendations; based on a 75-minute testing session.

Full Evaluation $750:  Includes a phone consultation and a 5-page report, based on about 90-minutes of testing.  Testing  includes standardized measures to determine your child’s strengths and any areas of weakness in fine motor skills and dexterity, range of motion and strength, gross motor skills (balance, coordination, strength), sensory processing abilities, visual-motor and visual-perceptual skills, and self-care tasks.  A full evaluation is recommended if your child is under three and not reaching his/her milestones; preschool age and having difficulty with pre-writing, self-care skills, or sustaining attention to task; or school-age and struggling with written communication, classroom tools and materials, or attention and focus throughout the school day.

NOTE:  All evaluations are completed at Run Jump Roll (433 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn).  If you request that I travel to your child’s school, daycare, or home as part of the assessment, an additonal fee of $150 is added to the evaluation cost.

My services may be reimbursable under your out-of-network insurance benefits.  I can provide monthly invoices in order to assist you in the process.  I am not a NYS Early Intervention provider, and I do not accept CPSE and CSE funding from the Dept. of Education.

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