– from website Park Slope Parents, May 2015

Lynn was wonderful with my son who had/has sensory processing issues. We saw her privately before our son was evaluated through CPSE and then continued to see her after CPSE OT services were established. Lynn immediately developed a great rapport with my 4 yo son who loved every minute of his sessions. And we started to see improvement in his behavior quicker than we expected. The sensory gym space was warm and friendly and I always felt like I had the choice to either stay in the gym or grab a coffee next door while they were doing their exercises. Highly recommend her!


– from website Park Slope Parents, April 2015

I highly recommend Lynn Herlihy for OT service for children. Our now four year old son started OT with Lynn over a year ago for motor skills delays and sensory issues. He absolutely adores Lynn and his weekly sessions with her. He has also changed spectacularly since he began working with her – from a shy, cautious, tentative kid to a confident, couch jumping, wall climbing, and journal writing rising kindergartener. Lynn has been an amazing support in helping us get additional services for our son – and in part due to her efforts we will be getting OT at his public school. Lynn is a fantastic resource for young children with developmental challenges and their parents.


July 2012: 

Lynn has been working with our three-year-old daughter for the past nine months on a variety of issues, from fine motor skills to sensory challenges.   Lynn has helped our daughter develop her physical coordination, sensory coping skills, and self-confidence.  It is a joy to watch our daughter put all of her new tools to use in her daily life, and navigate her environment with confidence and healthy curiosity.  Our daughter looks forward to her appointments with Lynn, and it has always been clear to us that Lynn cares about our daughter and is genuinely invested in helping our daughter realize her potential.


from website Park Slope Parents, July 2012

I wanted to share my experience with Lynn Herlihy, a wonderful pediatric occupational therapist who is now in private practice.
My son saw Lynn for the past year to address both fine motor skills and some sensory issues, and the difference she has made for him is amazing. The very first day we met with Lynn, my son was oppositional and threw a tantrum almost immediately. Lynn was able to intuit what kind of sensory input he needed and coaxed him into a womb-like swing, which calmed him immediately – it was amazing to watch. Over the past year, Lynn has been an important part of our lives, helping me plan and implement various sensory activities to ease the difficulties my son has, as well as helping him improve his fine motor skills. Whenever something new crops up, Lynn is there to help me cope – she always has time to listen and offer advice, and will email me to follow-up and see how things are going. Not only is she a skilled OT, but she is wonderful at relating to my son, never talking down to him or over his head. In short, we love Lynn!


-from website Park Slope Parents, August 2011

My son worked with Lynn Herlihy for four months through Bean Sprouts Nursery School. (She now sees patients in private practice too.) He absolutely adores Lynn and looked forward to his meetings with her each week. He considered it their special time together. While working with Lynn his fine motor skills and confidence grew enormously.


-from website LinkedIn, May 2009

Lynn is a superb OT! She is a knowledgeable and creative teacher who sees each child as an individual and is continually coming up with new ideas about how to engage each child’s enthusiasm in the work that must be done. Her expertise over two years as my son’s OT helped him become ready for Kindergarten in a gen ed classroom, as she was able to pinpoint the issues he most needed to address, identify the therapies that worked best for him, and implement them in a way that he enjoyed. When sitting in on an OT session, I was always amazed that she was able to address several skills or concepts simultaneously and seamlessly in one activity. I found Lynn to be an excellent communicator. She regularly shared my son’s progress and struggles with me, and listened with interest to my input. Lynn genuinely values parents’ input and is eager to be a team player in the best interest of the child. She worked with us on strategies and activities to use at home, taking the time to make sure they fit our personalities and lifestyle. In addition to all that, Lynn has been a wonderful influence in my son’s life in ways that extend beyond her central role. She has an unfailingly positive attitude. She laughs easily, has a great sense of humor, is always kind and always fun to be around. She is also a talented, committed, conscientious person of great integrity and I cannot recommend her highly enough!



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